Due to naming issues; we have renamed the event to CannabisConDC! Please do not use old name or images if you have, thanks!

Please see new event: Edibles Festival

We looks to bring the Washington DC Cannabis community together for a day of seminars, lectures, music, giveaways and marijuana and cannabis advocacy. Details will be posted soon as available. We hope you will be joining us!

The day’s schedule is currently being developed and being broken down to the following categories:

Freebies and Giveaways

Cannabis Clones Giveaway – sponsor(s) needed
Cannabis Seeds Giveaway  – sponsor(s) needed
Glass Pipe and Bongs Giveaway:  – sponsor(s) needed
Grow Tent and Grow Light Setup Giveaway – sponsor(s) needed
DC Lucky Stoners (1) One Ounce Giveaway – sponsor(s) needed
Cannabis TCP Testing  – sponsor(s) needed
Glass Pipes and Bong Cleaning:  – sponsor(s) needed
Onsite ROSIN Pressing  – sponsor(s) needed


Lineup coming soon

Tasting and Sampling

CBD Dab Bar:  – sponsor(s) needed
Edlibles Tasting Tent:  – sponsor(s) needed
Vape Juice Tasting Tent:  – sponsor(s) needed


Advocacy: Town Hall  Discussion on legalization and state of affairs
Edibles: Making THC and CBD Infused Edibles Seminar and Tasting
Glass Blowing: Basic Glass Pipe Blowing
Growing: How to handle your free clone?
Growing: I have seeds, what now?
Growing: What do I need to grow?
Law: Know the DC Law for possession
Law: Know the DC Law for growing
Yoga:  Cannabis and Yoga!


Vendor list and tables are being compiled now based on limited availability. We are taking lists of names under three current categories:

Please sign up as local DC business.
Please sign up as national business.
Non-Profit Local
Please sign up as non profit or advocacy activist.
Non-Profit National
Please sign up as non profit or advocacy activist.

You must have proper US identification and be 21 years of age to enter!