DCMJ Superstar Adam Eidinger to meet with White House

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Some may hate him for it, but others like me love him for it, he never gives up. After sending a third (3rd) letter to the White House  http://dcmj.org/letter-president-obama-concerning-reschedule420/ Adam Eidinger  and partner Nikolas Schiller, will finally get their chance to speak for the people, directly  to the White House staff. They are scheduled to meet at 1:30 pm on April 25 2016, tomorrow and look to speak on removing marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act designation of Schedule One, amongst many other cannabis and marijuana related issues we are dealing with in Washington DC.

A press release was issued and DCMJ will be speaking directly after the historic meeting tomorrow!  http://dcmj.org/news-advisory-dcmj-available-after-meeting-with-white-house-officials/

Marijuanas.org wishes DCMJ support for this historic meeting! Where to get weed in DC?

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