Get Paid $3 Per Valid Signature (DC) May 27 2020

Get Paid $3 Per Valid Signature (DC) May 27 2020

With the Mayor’s stay at home order being lifted on this Friday, the Campaign to Decriminalize Nature DC needs to hire & train as many petition circulators as possible!

The current pay is $3 per valid signature and we will be paying weekly. Our first petition turn in day will be Monday, June 1 and our first pay day will be June 8. We will be hiring & training regularly throughout the month of June and our first training is TONIGHT at 7pm on Zoom.

Unlike previous petition circulation efforts, we will be practicing social distancing for the safety of DC voters and petition circulators. The photo above is similar to what we are going to utilize: a table with a clipboard and “fresh” pens with the ground taped to show the physical distance. We have a list of every grocery store & voting center in DC and believe we can collect thousands of signatures this way. The campaign will assist petition circulators by delivering of tables, providing signage, helping with set up and break down, and scheduling of grocery store and voting center locations. All we need is YOU!

We have three trainings scheduled:
TONIGHT – 7pm to 9pm
FRIDAY – 10am to 12pm
MONDAY – 7pm to 9pm
If you can’t attend one of these, please respond to this email with your ideal time and we can try to schedule an upcoming next training around your schedule.

Know someone looking for a job? Please forward them this email!

Tonight’s Training on ZOOM will be at:
Password: 81YES!

Please click here to signup up to be hired & trained!

IMPORTANT: If you have already been hired & trained to circulate petitions, you will still need to take the 30 minute Health & Safety Training and sign the Health & Safety Agreement prior to receiving circulating petitions from the campaign. The 30 minute Health & Safety Training will be at the beginning of the training and you can sign the Health & Safety Agreement when you pick up your petitions outside the Campaign Office. If you already filled out the Google Form in the past, it might appear that you are locked out from signing up, but you can edit your submission and change the training date by signing in.

Petition Circulator Hiring Process:
Fill out and sign a W-9
Read and Sign the Petition Circulator Policies and Procedures
Read and Sign the Petition Circulator Health & Safety Agreement
Provide a photograph of your DC ID. If you are not a DC resident, you will need to fill out a “Non-Resident Petition Circulator Registration Form” and email this and a copy of your ID to the campaign and the DC Board of Elections before we can issue you petitions
Get trained on ZOOM!
What are you waiting for? Please click here to sign up for a training!

Questions? Contact us at (202) 733-4640 or

Have you signed the Initiative 81 petition yet? If you have a printer at home, you can download the petition, print it out, get everyone in your home to sign it, and send it back to us. If you don’t have a printer, we can mail you a petition with a postage-paid return envelope. Some of you reading this have already received your petition in the mail. Please don’t delay in getting everyone in your home to sign it and send it back to us. If you need detailed instructions on filling out the petition, we have them available for you. We want this to be as easy as possible and welcome any suggestions.

IMPORTANT: You can check your DC voter registration here or update your voter registration here. Not registered to vote in DC? You can register to vote here. Remember, you can’t register to vote and sign the petition on the same day. DC voters must wait for the DC Board of Elections to confirm you before you can sign (usually less than two weeks). If you are simply changing your voter registration address, you are already a DC voter and can sign the petition. Just make sure the address you enter on the petition is the address that is on file with the DC Board of Elections. If the addresses don’t match, your signature won’t count!

Our campaign is fighting to decriminalize entheogenic plant medicines in DC so that everyone in our community has access to these healing substances. If you feel like throwing a few dollars our way to help get it on the ballot this November, it would be much appreciated.

The Campaign to Decriminalize Nature DC

The Campaign to Decriminalize Nature DC

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