CBD Flower vs. Cannabis Flower vs. Mitragyna Speciosa

CBD Flower vs. Cannabis Flower vs. Mitragyna Speciosa

So you’ve heard of Kratom, CBD flower and Cannabis flower and you are a little confused? Anyone would and I don’t blame you. Which one should you take and what’s the difference? In this post, we set out to differentiate these three often confused herbs.

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower simply refers to a cannabis bud that is thought to help people relax without feeling high. In fact, if you feel out of your mind as a result of ingesting a THC product, taking CBD flower might help bring you back to your equilibrium state. Today’s crop of Sativa and indica strains have as high as 25% THC.

THC is just one of the several substances found in the cannabis plant, and it is also found in sizeable chunks in CBD.  CBD is lately being cultivated for therapeutic and lack of psychoactive effect. Although CBD flower contains low amounts of THC, the high CBD levels neutralize the effects of THC.

Benefits of CBD Oil Flower

CBD flower is thought to contain a much greater cannabinoid profile that is present in distilled products such as salves, creams, tinctures, and edibles. This means that ingesting the flower gives your body more cannabinoids. Also, there is a phenomenon referred to as “the entourage effect”. It simply refers to the synergistic impact between THC and CBD that you can’t find in CBD-only salves and other products.

Although CBD flowers tend to be more prevalent and coveted today, CBD flowers also serve a great purpose. It is the top plant and typically used by ingesting and smoking. The remaining parts of the plant are used as oils, tinctures, and concentrate.

Benefits of the Marijuana Flower

If you have been keenly following the news, you have probably heard all about cannabis and its growing legalization across the nation. Chances are that you may even have heard of reports of the several benefits marijuana offers. Researchers estimate that cannabis has been used for more than 3000 years to treat different ailments of people.

So, What’s The Difference?

Several differences exist between CBD flower and cannabis flower. However, the main one is that hemp doesn’t have too much psychoactive ingredient needed to get you high. Marijuana comprises much higher THC, a chemical compound that’s associated with feeling high.

Even though hemp doesn’t have THC, it still has vital cannabinoids that react with the endocannabinoid system to cause relaxation in humans. The CBD on sale in the US must have less than 0.3% THC to be deemed to meet legal requirements. Cannabis flower, on the other hand, contains more than 25% THC.

Mitragyna Speciosa

Also called Mitragyna speciosa, Kratom is a tropical tree plant native to tropical parts of South East Asia. It is claimed that the plant has been used for over 3000 years in these parts of the world. These include Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Phillippines, and Papua New Guinea.

The use of Kratom in the US, as opposed to CBD flower, is not legal across all the states of America. In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced that it intended to classify kratom as a Schedule I drug. This would mean it is categorized as other opioids like heroin.

At the moment, it is illegal in Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Vermont. There are suggestions that Kratom could be addictive. In fact, Thailand has since 1943 criminalized Kratom because of this. The drug is also illegal in Denmark, Austria, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Australia.

Kratom is consumed in a myriad of ways. In its native parts, consumers chew the leaves after removing the stringy central veins. Even dried leaves are also chewed, but they tend to be somewhat tough. The leaves can also be crushed and taken as a tea. If you want to mask the taste, you are okay to mix it with other teas. It goes without saying that the authentic product is only got from legitimate Kratom vendor.


The main difference between cannabis flower and CBD flower is the level of the psychoactive substance THC in them. CBD contains less than 0.3% while cannabis flower has more than 25% of the same compound. Mitragyna Speciosa, often called Kratom, is also used for relaxation but unlike CBD flower, it is not fully legal.


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