The 5 Most Popular CBD Hemp Cultivars

The 5 Most Popular CBD Hemp Cultivars

According to Grand View Research, the estimated market size of hemp-based CBD is predicted to be $450 million in 2020 that will expand at a CAGR of 30% over the forecast period.

The 5 Most Popular CBD Hemp Cultivars

Different CBD Hemp Cultivars give different results, which means that while one strain is perfect for glaucoma, another kind of medical CBD is good for peptic issues.

If you are looking for the best cultivars, then IHF CBD hemp clones for sale are no different. Meanwhile, listed here are some of the best CBD Hemp Cultivars in 2019 and what you should expect from each one, actually, some good reasons why people use these strains over some others.

1.  Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom fulfils the requirement of qualities and performance from the 2019 season crops. The Chardonnay variety changed in this particular crossbreed tested non-detectable THC at 100 % maturation (8+ months in flower) as well as averaged 14% CBD from plant blended samples.

With CBD harvesting scaling to large farming land, we believed it was a high priority to stabilise and develop a high quality CBD flower that can be captive-raised without the problem of covering the THC limit. This particular line has proven beyond doubt by itself that it can deal with the longest flower cycles and roughest conditions while remaining under, said IHF LLC, a Colorado-based hemp farming wholesale company, “we’re in the process of building a “High Desert Blossom” from this particular cultivar, and it’ll be readily available for sale in mid-2019. This brand-new line can perform effectively in the ferocious high temperature of the desert area.

2.  Chardonnay

The main focus over the Chardonnay challenge was to improve the CBD substance of the pitch-dark crimson varietal “Black Rose”, as well as supplement with the strength and mouth-watering terpene kinds that Cherry Wine shows. This particular line was proved to be steady for commercial hemp farming persistently in several places in 2019, and there was no need to harvest it early if complaint remains through the entire period of growth.

3.  Cobbler

The cobbler was created with something in mind. TERPS!

This particular line was tested to create terpene kinds that provide a new range of taste to CBD flowers exuding tropical natural oils which will give a new substitute taste to CBD hemp as compared to the conventional cherry cough syrup taste.    Charlotte’s Cherries stud has proven to reduce THC in many projects, as many companies tuned their terpene machines to be in compliant range for commercial hemp farming while farmed in the proper window of time.

4.  Charlotte’s Cherries

This is actually hard to find sativa strong crossbreed strain made through crossing the delicious Colorado Cherry with the classic Charlotte’s Web (R4). As the name indicates, Cherry Charlotte features a nice scrumptious taste that’s just like newly picked cherries, even though it has some skunk in it.

The aroma is very skunky and earthy with a noteworthy touch of cherry while the nugs are burned and broken apart. Cherry Charlotte sprouts have piecey vibrant fluorescent green nugs with thin and long hairs with a layer of large oversized white crystal trichomes. If you are looking for quality hemp cultivars then IHF LLC is a good source to find a large number of clones and seeds.

5.  Trophy Wife

This particular seed is the champ of CBD polyester resin production. Some companies reversed the 30% CBD phenotype of “The Wife” and carried out an S1 phenotype quest on the lookout for a cut that completed a little bit earlier with the highest screening CBD content. Some companies experimented with picking out a nippy 8-week finisher which averaged 20% CBD, 4% THC, after that those companies paired trophy wife with the brand new 60:1 Cherry Wine to improve the progeny both in taste and substance.

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