Understanding How the Best CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia Works

Understanding How the Best CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia Works

Lack of sleep is a common problem that a lot of people experience. There are those who don’t get enough sleep because they are busy with work while there are others who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia.

No matter what the reason for your lack of sleep is, the consequences are the same. When you don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep, it can lead to problems ranging from lack of concentration, irritability to severe conditions like depression and even death.

It is during sleep when your body prompts your brain to produce vital hormones and chemicals. These substances are essential to help maintain an active immune system. It also plays a crucial role in enhancing memory retention, maintaining hunger levels and reducing risks for different health conditions.

The moment you start to suffer from sleep deprivation, you will begin to experience changes in your mood, concentration and body function.

Before you start to experience the downside of sleep deprivation, you should find a solution to the problem.

There are many methods used to help enhance sleep, and there are also a lot of over the counter medications. But, one of the most effective and proven solutions is the use of CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil and How It Helps with Sleep and Insomnia

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the numerous compounds found in a marijuana plant. This component is different compared to others like THC or tetrahydrocannabinol because CBD does not have a psychoactive effect which means that using this substance won’t alter your mind as said by Natalie Grant at CBDFable.

Thus, many are interested in using this for its medical benefits.  Some of the benefits of using CBD oil include pain and inflammatory relief, a decrease in the level of anxiety and treatment of neurological symptoms.

The World Health Organization reported, that although CBD is a component of marijuana, the use of this substance does not lead to addiction or dependency in humans. Hence, many are using it widely for its medical purposes which include the treatment for sleep disorders.

CBD has an indirect effect because it only stimulates the receptors in your body so it can effectively use endocannabinoids which are found naturally in your body. Through this process, your body can heal itself without the use of any chemicals that can eventually cause harm.

According to the medical director of Healthspan, Dr. Sarah Brewer, their preliminary research showed that the use of CBD enhances sleep during the REM stage which leads to the significant reduction of the feeling of sleepiness during the daytime. It brings your rest to a deeper level improving the quality of your sleep.

This oil is particularly beneficial for individuals who have insomnia due to anxiety problems. So, when you often feel restless, and it’s affecting your rest, then you should check out the different CBD products below.

  1. Nuleaf Naturals

One of the many reasons why Nuleaf Natural CBD oils are at the top of the list is because of its purity and potency. When you look at the product, it has a golden color that’s clean and runs thin. The color indicates that all impurities like phytochemicals are left so what you get is pure CBD oil.

Product Highlights

It is extracted from hemp plants that are organically and sustainably grown in Colorado. No fertilizers or any harsh chemicals are used in producing, collecting and processing the products that’s why it is not only safe for humans, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Since the raw products are organic, you can be sure that all you get is pure and concentrated oil from all their products.

In the extraction of oil from the plant, Nuleaf Naturals uses CO2 method which does not involve any heat or solvent. This form of extracting oil is a new technique in collecting plant essence to prevent thermal degradation. The extraction process primarily starts by removing all the volatile chemicals before it is subjected to additional pressure to remove the oils.

As a result, they can get phytonutrients from specially bred hemp plant in Colorado that has the most potent blend. The oil has its golden brown color because of this process. All other methods could result in a brownish or greenish colored product.


  • 100% organic
  • CO2 extraction
  • No chemicals, additives and other harmful substances
  • Third party lab testing


  • Expensive
  • Strong hemp flavor

The only downside with this CBD oil is that it can be pricier compared with other similar products. This high price is due to the rigorous processes that the raw products go through to produce concentrated CBD oils that you can use.

Since, Nuleaf Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is intense and extremely concentrated, this product is recommended for those who have already tried other lower doses of the oil.

If you have been trying out different CBD oils and can’t seem to get the best result, and if you are willing to spend a little more, then you need to try the products from this brand. With this product, you will get simple, pure and potent CBD oil.

  1. CBDPure

The entire process of manufacturing the CBDPure hemp oil is entirely done in the US. The plants are organically grown and cultivated in Colorado, and this ensures that you are only getting quality plants. This product only comes in three potency levels 100, 300 and 600 mg of CBD per bottle making it easy, even for first-time users to pick an item.

The 100 mg hemp oil is recommended for minor pains, inflammations, migraines or nausea. While the 300 mg hemp oil is for severe pain, anxiety problems as well as sleep disorders like insomnia. Lastly, the 300 mg for chronic problems of insomnia, inflammation and the like.

Product Highlights

A third-party laboratory is tapped to do the testing to ensure that their oil is free from any additives. Their findings and certificate are available for anyone who wants to check the contents of their products. You only need to send them a request, and they will provide you a copy of the document which will show cannabinoid profiling, microbiological testing, terpene analysis, pesticide, and residual solvent testing.

Since every batch of CBD oil produced from the company is regularly screened, you need to provide the lot number of the product if you want to request a certificate.

To extract pure oil, the collected hemp plants are cold pressed, a method that does not use any heat that can alter the composition of the oil. The result is an unrefined product that retains its natural value. CO2 extraction technique is also utilized to make sure that the cannabinoids have a full spectrum that does even a minute residue of chemical solvents.


  • 100% organic
  • Affordable
  • CO2 extraction
  • Full-Spectrum


  • Limited options

Because the company is confident with their products, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the results. Regardless if the product is used or not, they will provide a full refund of your purchase.

Some may find limited choices to be helpful, but there are those who think of this as a disadvantage. They only have CBD oils and gels while other companies have other forms of edibles. But even with this downside, it still gets high ratings because the product speaks for itself.

  1. Green Roads CBD Oil

In comparison with other CBD oils, this one from Green Roads is unique because it contains both crystalline isolates as well as full spectrum CBD oil. This combination enables you to enjoy not just the pure CBD but other beneficial substances too like cannabinoids and terpenes. These components enhance the effects of the oil while the terpenes give it a distinctive aroma and this is one of the reasons why Green Roads CBD oil is included in the list.

The Green Roads CBD oil is known to be 99% pure coming from organic Hemp outsourced in Denmark which has rigorous cultivation standards. The product is extracted from hemp plants which are certified 100% organic in compliance with European standards. This potent oil does not only help with your insomnia but can also treat other health conditions.

Product Highlights

Since the CBD oil is available in different doses, you can easily choose which one suits your preference. There are also other preparations that you can select from such as gummies, lollipops, candies, and even coffee. You will enjoy the various options that they offer.

The main difference of CBD oils from Green Roads is its tastes because it is mixed with vegetable glycerin making the oil versatile since you can consume sublingually or by vaporizing. The glycerin thickens the consistency of the oil, and this can be less appealing especially to those with sensitive taste buds. The flavor and aroma could be too much for some people.


  • CO2 extraction
  • Highest standard ingredient sourcing
  • Third party lab testing
  • Versatile
  • Less than 0.3% THC


  • Unusual taste because of the vegetable glycerin
  • Overwhelming potency especially for new users

Green Roads CBD oil has gained numerous customers over the years because of purity and potency. If you are looking for a trustworthy brand with products that you can easily control in terms of dosage, then you should try this CBD oil.

  1. CBDistillery

This product is a full-spectrum hemp oil that utilizes high-quality products with great value. The oil has many cannabinoids and terpenes, substances that help boost the effectiveness of the oil.

Each batch goes through a third-party laboratory for further testing, to ensure that every bottle of CBDistillery full spectrum CBD oil passes the standard.

Product Highlights

Their hemp plant is all grown outdoors and under the direct heat of sunlight because they strive to be natural in all aspects. No pesticides, GMOs, additives or chemicals are added to the product, so it is also environmentally friendly.

When you take this product sublingually, it won’t take long before you can feel the effects start to kick in. You will feel relaxed which helps you sleep better and feel refreshed the morning after. This is what’s great when using potent oils sublingually because you will see results faster compared to other preparations.

Fractionated coconut oil to is used to aid in the absorption of the CBD into the body, rather than vegetable glycerin and as a result, it has a faster effect compared to other products in the market. It is essential to use this particular carrier oil rather than the regular coconut oil so your body can easily use the oil while the fats are utilized for your energy need. This is why you will feel like a fog inside your head is lifted the moment you use the product.


  • Full spectrum
  • Affordable
  • Potent
  • Non-GMO
  • Free from pesticides
  • Vegan


  • Contains artificial ingredients such as corn syrup
  • Unclear extraction method

The disadvantage with this brand is that the company did not specify its extraction method. This is an essential aspect that buyers need to check because it will tell you if the oil is free from solvents and other chemicals which could incorporate with the final product during the extraction process.

Those who are on a tight budget but still wants to get quality sleep, this could be the product for you. It works well with different concentrations to choose from, but it won’t cost you much, unlike with other similar products.

  1. CBD Essence

When it comes to testing from third-party labs, CBD essence hemp oil tincture is one of those that go through a rigorous process. This product is one of the bestselling items despite having only one kind of tincture. Each bottle of the oil contains not only CBD but also terpenoids, essential oils, and other naturally occurring hemp substances.

Product Highlights

This CBD essence is made from sustainable-hemp plants so the raw materials don’t get contaminated with harmful chemicals that could affect the body.

They carefully select their hemp source, and they hire a trustworthy third-party laboratory so you will have to get accurate details regarding the content of what you are buying. This is a full spectrum product which means that apart from the CBD there are other helpful components retained to assist in making the product more effective.

Since not everyone enjoys the taste of most CBD oils, CBD essence created various flavors like grape, cinnamon, vanilla and more. They also have natural and hemp flavors for those who want it as natural as possible.


  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • 100% vegan
  • Pure
  • Potent
  • Fast acting
  • Varied flavors


  • Certificates are not easily accessible

Overall, the CBD Essence hemp oil tincture is an excellent product because it comes from a leading company with years of experience. They have already mastered the art of extracting and processing raw materials to make into quality products that will help you not only with your sleep problems but other health conditions as well.

How to Maximize the Efficacy When Taking CBD Oils

  • If it is your first time to try CBD oil, it is recommended to check with your physician, especially when you have other medical problems and taking maintenance medications.
  • Know what problem you want to address other than improving the quality of your sleep.
  • Start with the lowest possible dose. This will help you assess your body’s reaction to the oil. Some may already feel an effect even with a few drops while others may need more. Gradually increase your intake if you don’t feel any significant improvement to your sleep.
  • The quickest way to get the effect is when you put the oil under your tongue and hold it there for at least a minute.
  • Use a chart to record the timing, dosage, and effect. This will serve as your guide when deciding to increase or decrease your consumption.
  • Take the oil an hour or a few minutes before bedtime. You can also experiment with taking it on different times of the day to see how your body responds.
  • Don’t hesitate to try out other CBD oil products if you are not satisfied with what you are currently using.
  • Your experience may differ from another use so make sure to listen to your body

Because of the efficiency of CBD oils, more people for all walks of life recognize its benefits. There is also an increase in the number of States and Countries that made the use of these products legal. Unlike other over-the-counter medications, CBD oil is all natural and free from harmful chemicals and additives. All the components in the oil are naturally occurring which won’t eventually lead to the development of other health conditions.

Before you start using, don’t forget to get your doctors approval. Also, check the products you are getting because not all CBD are the same. Thoroughly research the companies and ask for certificates, so you have an idea of what you are putting inside your body. There are numerous products and companies, and it can be overwhelming to pick a few products so always read customer reviews to get an idea of what to expect.


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