Tools Every Serious Dabber Needs to Have

Tools Every Serious Dabber Needs to Have

If you’re a serious dabber, then you need no introduction to what dabbing is. But just in case some of our readers don’t have an idea, let’s go over it very quickly. A dab is a small hit of concentrated cannabis, and dabbing is the process of inhaling this very hit using a pipe that vaporizes it into smoke. 


In order to do it right and in a way that can guarantee that you’ll  enjoy the hit, there are certain tools that every serious dabber needs to have.

The dab rig

The dab rig is the star of the show because this is what carries everything. It’s pretty much a bong, but made in such a way that caters to dabbing in particular. You need to keep in mind that the smaller the rig the better the flavor and the strength of the hit because it holds less water and requires less effort.

The torch

Having a good torch is important because you need to be able to heat the nail well enough to deliver the hit properly. It takes a bit of time to be able to figure out the best way to heat the nail correctly and consistently in order to get the best hit. That’s why you need to look around and do more research to find reviews that will give you the best options in terms of the best torch to invest in. You need to also know what kind of features make it the most comfortable to handle such as having a good grip.

The nail

The nail is needed in order to heal the concentrate so that you can go ahead and have your hit. Seasoned dabbers will know exactly how to use the torch in order to heat the nail correctly. There is also the option of having an e-nail, which is self heating and doesn’t require you to use the torch.

The dabber

Having the right kind of dabber is essential to having the right amount of oil or wax applied. Depending on the consistency of your dab, this is how you will decide on which dabber to use. So the best thing to do here is to have a couple of dabbers made out of different materials. You can choose from titanium, glass, ceramic or quartz because all of these can handle high temperatures.

The carb cap

Having a carb cap over the nail is an important tool because in case you tend to not have getting the temperature right and either over or under the head, this tool allows the temperature to be stabilized and saves any extra vapor from escaping.

It would really be frustrating if you’re all ready to dab, and you discover that you’re missing an essential tool or one that would make the process so much smoother. This is why it’s important for you to have all of these essential dabbing tools always upgraded and ready to use. Remember to always keep your equipment clean and stored away safely for the next hit!

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