Washington DC Apartment Marijuana Grow – Week 1

Washington DC GrowerWashington DC Apartment Marijuana Grow

Well, the tent is finally up after some hardcore construction to make the damn thing fit!

10x10x6.5 and my apartment only has 6ft ceilings lol! We had to remove the ceiling and cut the bars by about 3 inches to get her in. All in the name of perfection! I waited my whole life to be able to do this legitimately.

If you’re at all like me even though it’s something so simple growing is my Yoga; growing is my meditation. This project is well WELL over budget to the tune of $6500 already but what the hell you only live once! Today I got the massive 12 inch Hurricane outline fan in and electricity run! You would probably be surprised as too what kind of undertaking this is and how much time it takes but again I have waited a lifetime! For all my friends back in West Palm and all over! This one is for you guys! Tomorrow is giant filter, online fan duct work and lights! T minus 5 days and till the clones are ready!

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