Washington DC Apartment Marijuana Grow – Week 2

Washington DC GrowerWashington DC Apartment Marijuana Grow – Week 2

Alright another week has passed and we have made some serious progress. For reference my partner and I are spending 7-8 hours together working. We get a solid 6 hours of really productive time. This is week the end of week 2. I also spend a couple hours before and after cleaning up after each days work. It has been a grind and has taken me away from my regular job so this coming week will be a whole lot of catch up.

This week we got the bulk of the build finished. I started the week by hanging the main carbon filter, then I ran the duct work and connected the fan to the filter and then to the flange that goes outside. This took a couple of days as we really had to work to get this 100lb filter in and high up enough to give us our space. It does kind of act as a separator of which for whatever reason I actually like.

The next thing we did is add 2 layers of Pond Liner to the bottom of the tent. As I am doing a soil grow and will be spraying water this was the way to go. It took a long time to cut it all out and then tack it in but it got done and I tested it today. It works like a charm! Does anyone else do this??

I spent all of Thursday with a friend who is an electrician ( I worked and went to school for two years in Palm Beach to become an Electrician) he handles the big deal stuff like adding 2 new slots to an already cramped panel and I have the pleasure of running wire and hooking up receptacles! We ran two lines straight from the panel. Considering the wattage we are running it was necessary and it is so nice to have that peace of mind. So if anyone needs a good electrician let me know and I will hook you up with my good friend Von!

Finally it was time to fill the pots all those bags of dog food were actually soil. My partner mixed it, he used to own a soil company in Holland and is some kind of expert so wonderful! It took a full 5 hours to fill the containers and I must have hid my head on the freaking filter 10 times lol!

Today we watered everything in. Using the Bio Pak and Vitamin C.

I will take a break for tomorrow as I seem to have come down with a nasty flu and my throat is killing me…. But next week will be the finishing touches! I am making a small panel to hold all the controls and ballasts. I am running my 8 inch inline fan and duct and closing everything off with sun film. Then it is time for planting! On a positive note, it seems FL and a few other states made some real progress and that makes me proud! The sooner I can get back to the warm weather the better! Hope everyone is building, budding and loving life! This build will be finished and planted out by Friday!

If you live in DC and need some growing assistance, check out the magic happening here: https://www.facebook.com/acustomlandscapellc/

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