2018 DC State Fair Best Bud Contest (DC) September 23 2018

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2018 DC State Fair Best Bud Contest (DC) September 23 2018

2018 DC State Fair Best Bud Contest (DC) September 23 2018

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the DC State Fair Best Bud Contest!

The DC State Fair will be held on Sunday, September 23, 2018, at Waterfront Station in Southwest DC (375 and 425 M St. SW). The Best Bud contest will hold the preliminary judging event BEFORE the Fair. Details for drop-off and judging to be announced in early September 2018.

You must complete this entry form by midnight, Wednesday, September 12th. The early date is due to the preliminary judging ahead of the Fair.

Blue, red, and white ribbons will be awarded. All judging and lab testing is anonymous. Only winner details will be announced; for other contestants, you will be the only one to know your results.

Who is eligible? What are the eligibility rules?

-The contest is open to District of Columbia residents ages 21 and older.
-You MUST show a valid drivers license or voter registration card to prove age and residency.
-Under no circumstances will a non-DC resident be admitted to the contest.
-All contestants must be age 21 or older.
-Entries MUST be grown in a private residence that legally allows growing bud.
-You may register up to three entries. You must submit a separate form for each entry.
-Your bud entry must be approximately 7 grams of flowers and submitted in an UNLABELED glass mason jar with a lid.
THE CONTEST IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 40 ENTRIES due to logistic constrictions.



So what do we look for in the perfect bud? We begin with the looks, of course – is she dense or fluffy? Does she have a clean trim, definitely by hand, that defines the shape of the bud? No loose messy buds ever get far. Is she covered in crystals, and what are her color variations? How sticky is it? Is it fruity or fuelly – or is it sweet or savory?”

You will be judged on the following criteria:

1. THC Potency Test – done by Steep Hill Labs (50 points)
2. Smell (10 points)
3. Touch (10 points)
4. Cure (10 points)
5. Trim (10 points)
6. Flavor (10 points)

Any entry with pests will be disqualified.

Contest and judging times to be announced in early September 2018.

Please fill out the information below to enter the DC State Fair Best Bud Contest.

Thank you for entering. Be kind and good luck!

Enter DC State Fair Best Bud Contest

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