2nd Annual Mardi Grass Hosted by Cannabis Karma (DC) February 19 2018

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2nd Annual Mardi Grass Hosted by Cannabis Karma (DC) February 19 2018

Join us for Mardi Grass mascaraed 🎭 Dank King CAKE! 🎂
(More Details to follow!)

Cannabis Karma mission is to provide Good Vibes events to the community in a relaxed chilled environment while normalizing the adult use of cannabis.

Weekly Membership includes:
🍀Free Mardi Grass Masks and swag (limited supply). 🎭
🍀Private lounge access.
🌟Gorgeous Body Painting provided by Resident Artist Lindzor the CreatorLindsay Parker 👩🏻‍🎨🎨
🍀Exclusive CBD Dab Bar provided by Nonnies Nectar.🍯🔥😍
🍀 Water, snacks, and rolling papers free (limited supply).
🍀 Monthly subscription to Dope Magazine.
🍀 Weekly members only Silent Auctions and raffles.
🍀 Professional delicious catering will be onsite.
🌟From one🏅 Veteran🏅to another FREE Membership! Proper ID at the door required.🌟
🍀 The Weed Fairies will be blessing members with Dabs until 10 p.m. 🍯🔥😍.
🌟Enjoy a bold chill atmosphere. New DJ mix of down tempo Beats byDanny Baltimore

Members only event.


Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1602909846412210/

Become a member: https://naliacollective.com/event

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