Blossom Run by CannabiSpa DC and Geminhiigh (DC) April 20 2018

Blossom Run by CannabiSpa DC and Geminhiigh (DC) April 20 2018

Blossom Run by CannabiSpa DC and Geminhiigh (DC) April 20 2018

Runners High™ focuses on incorporating cannabis into our fitness and wellness routines as well as being a healthy source of pain relief without negative side effects.

Whether you’re looking to achieve new fitness goals or alleviate pain with an alternative medicine, Runners High™ would love to accompany you on your journey – creating awareness of the multifaceted medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis is a dynamic plant that can alleviate multiple symptoms that may accompany chronic illnesses like lupus. Hence, we decided that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Lupus Foundation of America.

Friday afternoon, April 20th 2018 we will embark on a 5K run around the Tidal Basin in DC. The Tidal Basin is not a full 5K so there will be a partial lap made around the Tidal Basin for the finish line. 

Cannabinoid therapy has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for pain management, controlling inflammation and relieving patients of the symptoms that normally accompany debilitating illnesses. Many people are unaware of this, so this is one method to change people’s perception and hopefully improve lives.

All participants in the race will be given a number/bib and a bracelet for free access to the post-run after-party to kick off the 4/20 weekend.

• The race will start at 4:20 and end at 7:10pm
• Runners will line up and a horn will be blown to signal the start of the race
• The race will be timed but it is not competitive. Participants may walk, run, or jog either individually or as a group. If you want to know your time we will have it posted on the event page. 

• There will be a cookout at a disclosed location 7:30pm-midnight for the race participants and other cannabis enthusiasts looking to kick-off the 4/20 weekend
• The standard bbq fare will served as well as infused sorbets, ice cream and drinks

CannabiSpa DC and Geminhiigh Presents:

Runners High™ Running Group
Blossom Run™

Runners High™ 5K

A Portion of the Proceeds will go towards the Lupus Foundation of America



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