Bud-N-Bingo – March 3 2017

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Bud-N-Bingo - March 3 2017

Bud-N-Bingo – March 3 2017

kick back and get ready to compete . Bud-N-Bingo is here. 420 freindly event with 420 Prizes.

Vendors on hand ready to take care of your needs!

Raffles, Doorprizes and More ….

We will be playing approximately 7-8 games and 1 Grand Finally game with great prizes!

Questions comments or anything else can be directed to viphasarrived@gmail.com

If event is cancelled everyone will recieve a full refund. No refund otherwise.

If we dont fill 30 seats we will push event 1 week.

Get tickets: http://viphasarrived.com/ticket-sales/


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