Cannabinoid Church – February 19 2017

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Cannabinoid Church - February 12 2017

Cannabinoid Church – February 19 2017

Educate. Elevate. Sesh.

Join us for our weekly Sunday sesh. Admission is free and we invite everyone aged 21+ to come interact with enthusiasts, experts, and our vibrant DC cannabis community. The “Church” is meant to bring hands on education and training to our community, as well as offering access to some of DC’s most unique, I71 compliant vendors. We focus on a holistic approach to Cannabis, and spread our knowledge of growing, medicinal applications of cannabis, and how to most efficiently and effectively use your materials. The King Weedy Institute is the perfect place to stop in at on a hazy Sunday.

Location: King Weedy Institute, Above Smash Records In Adams Morgan

Time: 11a-3p

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