Cannabinoid Church – March 5 2017

Cannabinoid Church - March 5 2017

Cannabinoid Church – March 5 2017

Please join us for another Church sesh and networking get together at the King Weedy Institute this Sunday from noon until 3p, and is open to ages 21y/o+. Bring your bud, hash, edibles, and yourself for our third weekend.

As always, A&C and some of our top local experts in the cannabis community will be there to sesh and kick it with you.

Given the recent federal climate regarding cannabis in America, we are going to help enable growers and address some of our concerns.

We will construct a bubble cloner that anyone can build at home, and this cloner will also be used to provide rooted clones to church goers in coming weeks.

Then we are going to encourage productive political discussion and work to develop some different modes of political action.

The event is free, but we do appreciate any small donations that will be used towards Church events and improving the venue. As a reminder, King Weedy is a private residence and good etiquette is required–even if you’re a narc.

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