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Cannabis Cultivation For Women – May 25 2016

Here are the meeting details and event page information for the Cannabis Cultivation for Women inaugural meeting in Washington DC.  The event is being hosted by DC growers Tetri Flowers of Tetri-9 Flowers and Pam Kelly of Wash Hydro.

The group’s focus will be to build the network of women cannabis growers in DC, all are welcome who are interested in topics such as cannabis cultivation,women’s issues, business development, sharing cannabis stories, etc :

Meetings will be regularly held to discuss  cannabis cultivation topics and tactics to share witthe group and support women growers.  Anyone who is an experienced grower or a first time grower of cannabis should benefit from the group.  The plan is also to share products and provide feedback to members who donated to discuss the effects and collect data to see what has most helped our female members.  Part of the discussion will be how cannabis can help women and treat ailments that occur at a higher frequency with women (rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, autoimmune diseases, menstrual aches and pains, etc).

Continue reading more at the event page:


Quick fact from Tetri’s Facebook page:

Feeling very honored to have our flowers featured on the season finale of‪#‎weediquette‬ on ‪#‎Viceland‬ ! Check out the episode called ‘half-baked’ for a sweet glimpse of the ‪#‎DC‬ cannabis community. 😎

Reserve parking in advance for the event! Our link gets $5 in credits when you sign up.

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