CannaLadies Saturday Stroll (DC) May 19 2018

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CannaLadies Saturday Stroll (DC) May 19 2018

CannaLadies Saturday Stroll (DC) May 19 2018

Join the CannaLadies for a FREE monthly stroll through the park!

Nature and fitness are a HUGE part of our overall wellness. Spending time in nature with people you connect with is even more monumental! We invite you to join us FOR FREE on Saturday, May 19th for a brief wellness hike through nature with like minded ladies who choose nature over science.

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we encourage everyone to come wearing something GREEN to show their support for the cause. If you have experienced a loss in your life as a result of inadequate mental health care in this country please bring a photo of your fallen loved one so we can honor their memory through this walk.

This WILL NOT be a strenuous hike, rather a brisk morning walk in the park so to speak (location released 24 hours before event)

* Meet at 10am (location to be released on 4:20pm the evening of the 18th via e-mail)
* 10:00a-10:30a guided warm ups with G.I. Mary Jane
* 10:30a Hike begins (roughly 3 miles of flat land in a loop, beverage station located at starting point and half way)
* 11:30a estimated time of hike completion
* 11:30a-12:00p refreshments and networking

beverages provided by Hemp2o (additional fees apply)

Participants must RSVP through eventbrite in order to receive the event location. First 5 participants wearing green to arrive the day of the event will receive a FREE GIFT from our sponsors.

** CannaLadies is a grass-roots cooperative fueled by passion and community contributions. All donations are humbly appreciated and all funds go back into the community through various networking events


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