CanNutrition Courses Hosted by GI Mary Jane (MD)

CanNutrition Courses Hosted by GI Mary Jane (MD)

CanNutrition Courses Hosted by GI Mary Jane (MD)

Running on the 3rd Saturday of each month, these CanNutrition Classes will give you the tools you need to enhance the effectiveness of your medical Cannabis. These courses are for registered MMCC Patients with appropriate ID or those who simply wish to know more.

Did you know that terpines exist in almost everything edible? From Mangoes to Pineapple, Coconut to Cashews, there are a SLEW of foods on the shelves that can increase the effectiveness of your medical cannabis experience. Learn the correct holistic approach to total wellness through all-organic foods.

If you are NOT a registered medical cannabis patient, doctors will be on site for consultations/recommendations. Additional fees may apply.

Participants will enjoy a 100% organic light meal as they network & share stories with other patients. Consuming select organic foods/spices can enhance the effectiveness of your favorite strain of cannabis. We aim to provide you with the knowledge to move up to the next level of holistic wellness and perfect homeostasis. With terpines working at full effect, patients will find that they don’t need to medicate as often, saving them time, heartache, and money while still meeting, even exceeding their wellness needs.

Pre-register through the event link and a consultant will contact you directly for a brief 5-10 minute phone call to gather more information to maximize your course experience. In order to help us find the organic foods that benefit you most, please provide the terpine content label from your favorite strain of medical cannabis.


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