Capitol Cup: Entry Submission – September 24 2016

Capitol-CupWashington DC Capitol Cup Entry Submission – September 24 2016

This event is for PARTICIPANTS ONLY. A separate invite will be made for the celebratory party. Please only join if you’re serious about participating.

Participating involves submitting a seven gram donation of your dankest DC grown cannabis. These will be then be divided up into twenty one .33 samples, numbered, repackaged and regifted back to the participants along with scorecards so that everyone ends back up with seven grams worth of bud to judge. Proof of the grow ownership will be expected to be shown via geotagged cellphone photos.

Judging will take place over two weeks with everyone taking the time to sample and rate each submission. Scorecards will be collected and tallied by an independent volunteer committee, with the option for an additional 3.5g “winners bracket” in the event of a large number of entrants.

Winner gets the 2016 Capitol Cup, $1000 cash (courtesy of King Weedy) and a year’s worth of bragging rights. Announcement and celebration will take place at a private charity event at a large local residence, the details of which will be forthcoming and awesome.

Invite your friends, but again, DC HOME GROWERS ONLY.

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