DC CANNA Meeting – January 5 2017

DC CANNA Meeting - January 5 2017DC CANNA Meeting – January 5 2017

The first C.A.N.N.A. meeting of the year is Thursday;
its free 8pm

adams morgan near smash records. im gonna mark the entrance underground rave style… (That means don’t discuss how the entrance is marked for certain reasons I’m sure we r al aware of we r going to be public but more or less open to people we definitely know for group safety as well as that of our host) I’ll post a pic..

Come join C.A.N.N.A. learn to grow and let’s be seed that sprouts from the ashes of the d.c. Economy and grow together in all senses of the word…

doing our best to provide a different experience and there will be no question of community if we develop our own from the ground up not trying to tinkle on anyone else’s show Im just saying we r Gona do our own thing, our Way, the best way we know how…

smoke friendly
no need to byow
dab press
dab rigs
raffle tix

{meeting is free… Any and all donations u feel like giving are excepted pennies change all that shiz.. Help us grow the organization for everyone and give us more ability to gift free meds to patients and fight a myriad of illnesses and afflictions.-no pressure just a disclaimer}

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