DMV Organics Updated Menu (DC) September 2 2020

DMV Organics Updated (DC) September 2 2020

DMV Organics Updated Menu (DC) September 2 2020

DMV Organics Updated Menu – use code: MarijOrgRef

New Strains in Stock!

Purple Haze – Sativa Flower
Lemon Dream – Sativa Dominant Flower
Gas Monkey – 50/50 Hybrid
Dog Catcher – 50/50 Hybrid
Larry OG – Indica Flower
Yoda Kush – Indica Hybrid Flower
Bubba Kush – Indica Flower
Mendo HashPlant – Indica Dominant Hybrid
Gelato 41 – Indica – Exclusive Flower
New York City Diesel – Sativa Live Resin
Dutch Dessert – Sativa Live Resin
Cream White Fire – 50/50 Live Resin
Skittles – Indica Dominant Hybrid Live Resin
Everest x Darkstar Distillate – 50/50 Hybrid
Sour Cookies – Terp Sauce
Chem Dawg – Terp Sauce
Lemon Crème Pie – ‘RAW’ Solventless THCA Crystals
Orange Crush – ‘RAW’ Solventless THC Diamonds
The White – ‘RAW’ Solventless THC Diamonds
CBD Isolate
CBD Gummies
Assorted Gummies 15mg-200mg
Brownies 200mg!!!!

Buy 3 get 1 on all Gummy Stickers*
Free gift for all FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS
Free Pre-Roll with all Pre-Roll 5 packs
Special $325 Mix and Match Ounce Stickers!!!
Buy 2 get 1 half off on all concentrate stickers!!!
Special $175 Mix and Match Half Stickers!!!
Free gift for all Service Industry & First Responders**
Free gift for all Veterans all weekend long!**

New *Promo* Codes
Coming Soon!

(Scroll Down to Order and for COVID-19 policies)

All Specials will be added automatically to your order after checkout!

*Some restrictions apply
** Must specify Credit/Debit payment and Veteran when checking out in order form to receive gift

DMV Organics COVID-19 Policies!
(Specials Below)
DMV Organics will continue to remain open during the DC Stay-at-home order.

However we are limiting our delivery hours to 1-5 pm Tuesday-Sunday.
(You can contact us at if a special delivery needs to be made outside of this window and we will do our best to accommodate.)

Until further notice DMV Organics will be operating under the following precautions out of an abundance of caution…

All Orders will be for HOME DELIVERY or pickup at a local GROCERY STORE or PHARMACY only
All orders must be paid with Credit or Debit card, DMV Organics will not be accepting cash until it is deemed appropriate to do so
All DMV Organics couriers will be wearing protective masks and using hand sanitizer after every delivery
All DMV Organics customers picking up or receiving deliveries should be wearing appropriate cloth face coverings or masks
There have been no known cases of COVID-19 amongst any of our staff or customers. These precautions are strictly to ensure a safe and secure experience for all of our customers and staff!!!

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