Grand Opening at Greenhousedc (DC) January 27 2018

Grand Opening at Greenhousedc (DC) January 27 2018

Grand Opening at Greenhousedc (DC) January 27 2018

Interested vendors Dm on instagram: g.housedc

Subject: Private flower donation event

Attention Flower Vendors,

We have been pleased Since the initiative in DC have allowed the legal use, possession of certain limit and donation of marijuana.

We at the Greenhouse welcome you all to come and showcase your products and donate it to the the people at your will.

Vendor entry will be based on the first come first reserve basis for the table tops.

This is a private event at a great spot right on Minnesota Ave SE. It’s 0.4 miles off the Pennsylvania Ave SE exit at a peaceful and private home.

Saturday 1/27/18 between 7pm- 1 am.

Complimentary Pizza will be served.

Send us a message and reserve your spot if you are interested.

Rules and regulations:
The vendors have to complaint with certain rules and regulation of D.C. to be showcasing at the event to be safe for both of us as far as legality goes:

All attendees must be at least 21 years old*****

1. Only 2 ounces of flower per person on each vendor table will be allowed to be displayed.
So if you have 3 people at your table helping you then you can have 6 ounces of flower on the table for showcase and donation. Rest you can keep away and out of sight and get it as you need.

2. No alcohol will be served or allowed on the premises.. We will not allow anybody who is under the influence of alcohol to come into the events.

3. Smoking will be allowed only in designated area of the house.
We need all the vendors and attendees to follow the rules and regulations to safely host these events. Without having to deal with any legal issues that public places like bars, lounges and clubs have been facing..

We will hosting these events consistently and keep you guys updated.

No Weapons allowed on the premises either..

Private security will be present on the premises.

Facebook event page:

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