Grow Your Own DC I71 – September 24 2016

Grow-Your-Own-DC-I71-September-24-2016Grow Your Own DC I71 – September 24 2016

This is your opportunity to learn the process in its simplest form , from start to finish in layman’s terms. Also have literature , and tech support with this seminar .Take advantage of the new Initiative 71 rule passed for DC residents only!

Grow Your Own DC’s Learn how to grow in your home is going to be two 4 hour seminars on how to grow Cannabis indoors hydroponically and in soil substrates. Covering cloning, nutrient schedules, genetics allocation,how to increase potency and yield, trimming, manicuring and curing techniques, and pest management there is also the concentrates 101 portion of the class that will explain several different processes of extraction. Of course we have a great swag bag for the students

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