GROWN 2: An exclusive grower event with GrowWithLisa – July 22 2017

GROWN 2: An exclusive grower event with GrowWithLisa - July 22 2017

GROWN 2: An exclusive grower event with GrowWithLisa – July 22 2017

Its been an exciting year in cannabis for #growithlisa. From hosting her very first event on July 21st 2016 (#growithLisa day), to sponsoring the first annual Greenlight Festival, public speaking at various cannabis events, launching Cannabis Cardio sessions, partnering with CCC sttudios to create the Seed, Clone, and Flower exchange 2017 series, traveling to NY and MA to attend cannabis events all while taking advantage of Initiative 71 laws and continuing to be a home grower!

On the anniversary of her first event she would love to continue to share with you her passion for home growing! This year #growithLisa is bringing some amazing canna businesses to the party that represent the true meaning of ‘Home Grown!” These Washington D.C. based businesses rely on home grows to operate. Creating a variety of consumables and other creative gear for you to enjoy as a cannabis enthusiast.

This year our sponsor is Mystic Genetics:

The D.C. based home grow consulting firm, Mystic Genetics provides tailored one-on-one, 24 hour premeir consultation services. They are also the supplier of over 20 different strains via their clone bank. Your one stop shop for the I71 compliant home grower. During GROWN: An exclusive growers event, Mystic Genetics will be servicing all local growers with their variety of genetics, grow tips and give aways. So register NOW and get there early so you don’t miss out on the good genetics!

Are you a local cannabis business that grows their own supply? We would love to feature you during our event. Find out how you can get your business at this special event by sending an email: The Organizer

Have promo material that you would like to feature in our swag bag? Your audience is only as big as your circle! Expand your customer base by submitting promotional materials and samples for our swag bags. Send your company information to The Organizer for considerations.

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