Ice Cream & Dabs – June 18 2016

Ice-Cream-And-Dabs-WashingtonDCIce Cream & Dabs Event Details:

June 18 2016 – 420pm -10pm 21 and up! $10 to enter!

The Sequel To Cake And Ice Cream Brought To By Chefzeke Brewton (Supreme Delights) And Huracán Del Jefe!

We Provide You With Nothing But The Sweetest Delights Infused With Love And Ganja…

So Smoke Something And Receive Desert In The Process Curtesy FromChefzeke Brewton

We Gon Do It Again, But Bigger And You Know It

Must Be 21+ Security Checkin IDs

Icy White Honey Bun Mmmmmm There It Is!

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream & Dabs – June 18 2016

  1. frthismoment

    Okay so maybe I am confused but I am new here. I see many events I would like to join in but I can’t find any addresses as to where to go.
    Can someone help me please?
    Thank you.

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