Ladies Grow Out Phase I – November 26 2016

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Ladies Grow Out Phase I - November 26 2016Ladies Grow Out Phase I – November 26 2016

Ladies Grow Out’s primary goal is to create a network of female nurturers who will learn a life-long skill of the cultivation and growing of medicinal grade cannabis.  We teach women how to operate within the provisions of the law, while providing quality care to those in need. In addition, the women will participate in social networking events for women in business. We will highlight a woman at each social networking event and give them a platform to promote, share, and discuss their business. It is my personal goal to see women come together with a commonality of core values, who have a shared vision, and are able to articulate, implement, and steward that vision. I believe this has wings to become something so much bigger than us and that we impact lives for the better.

The location and any further details will be included in the RSVP email.

What should I expect in Phase I Sessions of Ladies Grow Out Course?

Our beginner level cultivation class. Covers seeds, clones, vegetative growth, flowering, harvesting, grow rooms, green houses, outdoor growing, cases studies, lights, equipment, electricity, soil, containers, hydroponics, water, temperatures, nutrients, air, pests, diseases, an intro to breeding and much, much more!

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