Lit on Lit in DC – 420-friendly Writing Class – July 21 2017

Lit on Lit in DC - 420-friendly Writing Class - July 21 2017

Lit on Lit in DC – 420-friendly Writing Class – July 21 2017

The FIRST Lit on Lit in DC, (but only for a limited time). Don’t miss this ground breaking cannabis writing class, with curriculum developed by published authors for Denver’s Suspect Press. Writing promtps, exercises and the opportunity to share your creations with the group in a fun and relaxed atmosphere set in a private 420-friendly residence.

From Norman Mailer to Stephen King, writers have used marijuana to bypass the tedious loop of everyday thoughts and unlock an internal world of magic and color. Explore the THC-induced writer within you at Lit on Lit in DC.

Daniel Landes – Founding Editor

While Landes’s reputation as a Denver touchstone began when he founded Watercourse Foods in 1998 (and City, O’ City in 2006), his life-long passion for literature has always been brewing just beneath the surface. In 2012 he released his debut novel, Joonie and the Great Harbinger Stampede, a creation myth about the birth of consciousness, told through the lives of prairie animals.

With Joonie, Landes collaborated with local artist Ravi Zupa to bring the book to life with a series of illustrations. Following the novel he continued this theme, allowing a pair of artists to adapt his short fiction into comic books, first with A City Of Whiskey And Fire, the story of drunken brawl leading to a massive fire that burned Denver to the ground in 1863 (illustrated by Noah Van Sciver), followed by Revolt To What?, a tale of post-revolutionary angst in early 90s Prague (Illustrated by Karl Christian Krumpholz).

Amanda Eike Koehler – Assistant Editor

Amanda is a short fiction writer and a former librarian from Iowa who spends her days with preschoolers as an assistant teacher. She’s a member of the Knife Brothers writing group–a small collective of short fiction writers–and can be found haunting the Victorian halls with the ghosts of Lighthouse during their annual LitFest. In her spare time she memorizes hip-hop songs to show off to her cat (if in fact she had one). You can find her work in Suspect Press, Birdy Magazine, and at where she writes creative non-fiction vignettes.

Josiah Hesse – Editor in Chief, Suspect Press

First venturing into the promise of Denver, Colorado in 2004, Hesse established himself as a local journalist through the alt weekly, Westword, covering the music, comedy and arts community of his adoptive city. He has since gone on to cover politics, science, sexuality and marijuana for national publications like VICE, Politico, High Times and The Guardian.

In 2015 Hesse released his debut novel, Carnality: Dancing On Red Lake, a psychological horror and historical fiction story that chronicles the movement of Evangelical Christians in America. The book is the first of a series of six novels, with the second installment set to be released by Suspect Press Publishing in 2017.

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