Love, Peace, ‘n CBD Hosted by sPACYcLOUd (DC)

Love Peace 'n CBD Hosted by sPACYcLOUd (DC)

Love, Peace, ‘n CBD Hosted by sPACYcLOUd (DC)

Love, Peace, ‘n CBD is back at Spacylounge DC!

On Saturday we are re-launching a series of events featuring CBD guest speakers, CBD testing, Raw Vegan brunch, meditation, and yoga.

2:00 pm – Gathering
2:20 pm – 3:15 pm Yoga and Singing Bells by Yana Sergeevna
2:20 pm – 3:13 pm Reiki by Yana O
3:45 pm – Raw Veggies Brunch by Spacylounge DC

CBD guest speaker, Georgetown Hemp
CBD testing by Georgetown Hemp (Bring your CBD)

“New Year is the best time to start setting intentions and making positive changes. I have an amazing practice to share with you to support your intentions and attract opportunity and prosperity. Open the heart center and attract opportunity and prosperity, realign your approach to prosperity by connecting with the plane of attraction through your heart center.

This practice will take you on a spiritual and physical journey into yourself and your heart, teaching you to recognize your value and attract prosperity.

We will close the practice with a powerful green energy meditation which directs the flow of energy through the heart center and creates an even balance between the energy of giving and receiving. Green is the color of the heart chakra which promotes healing, love and abundance.

We begin the practice with enhanced tea to relax the body and conclude with nourishing vegan meal.

All levels are welcome!
Love and light!”
~ Yana Prana

Yana O. (Ovchinnikova) Faster Eft certified practitioner. Faster EFT Tapping is a system that uses specific acupressure meridian points to trigger the brain and the body to release past emotional wounds and traumas (conscious and unconscious) which have been stored and locked away on cellular level, thus reprogramming the deep mind and the body for manifesting healthier, smoother, and happier lives. Meditation Teacher. Reiki Master. I teach how one, thru the mediation techniques, can access the cosmic healing energy through opening the crown chakra and healing leaks of energies in rest of the body, for deep healing and deep transformation.


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