Meet Canopy: A Cannabis Business Accelerator – May 17 2017

Meet Canopy: A Cannabis Business Accelerator - May 17 2017

Meet Canopy: A Cannabis Business Accelerator – May 17 2017

Please join us for this incredible exclusive opportunity to meet with executives from Canopy for an intimate conversation. (

Canopy is a business accelerator for cannabis startups in Boulder, CO. They also run a bi-weekly cannabis-entrepreneurship MeetUp, where the aim is to bring the cannabis community together to facilitate networking and progression of this startup-driven industry.

They have helped 64 cannabis-ancillary companies launch their businesses since 2015, and they have raised over $20M in capital. Canapy’s portfolio includes cannabis industry luminaries such as BDS Analytics, Stashlogix, Würk, Front Range Biosciences, Stashbox, and other marijuana industry startups that are quickly growing into industry powerhouses. There’s incredible opportunity for businesses that support the industry’s infrastructure, including tech, software, analytics, innovative accessories, and retail solutions. The cannabis industry is obviously a complicated environment in which to get launched and funded, and Canopy wants to answer the group’s questions surrounding that. This month we are having a joint meet-up with Canopy at Duffy’s Irish Pub.

Please come join us!

About our Past Meet-Up Events:
Past speakers have included the CEO of Steephill Testing Labs in Maryland, the Ward 1 DC City council member and the CEO of MoreBetter Ltd ( ), CEO of Cannabis Business Accelerator , Greenhouse Ventures and Data Scientist and DC home grower Andy Gildersleeve.
We hold our event at Duffy’s Irish Pub on Wed evenings to take advantage of 1/2 price wing night.

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