Mello’s Munchies Stay Mello Sunday’s – April 30 2017

Mello's Munchies Stay Mello Sunday's - April 30 2017

Mello’s Munchies Stay Mello Sunday’s – April 30 2017

Stay Mello Sunday’s
Come socialize, puff, paint, and enjoy a buffet of over 20 infused foods and drinks. A few items include buffalo chicken dip, nachos & cheese, meatballs, bbq chicken, space cakes, party mix, fudge brownies, fruity pebbles, cheese puffs, lollipops, ice tea/lemonade and more!

We provide you an Exclusive Edible Tasting Experience. Focusing on product quality and customer satisfaction. No DUDS over here!

Only $40 Cash Donation at the Door

What to expect:

Unlimited Edible Tasting (buffet style)
Pop-Up Shop (donations only)
Puff and Paint (byo flowers or make a donation)
420 Games
Door Prize & Raffles
Free Edibles
Cash Bar (free Edible w/ 1st drink)

1370 H St, NE Washington DC 20002

**Must be 21 with proper ID (you don’t have to be DC resident)**

*Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable*

Questions or concerns contact us at 240-483-3679 or


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