National Drug Policy Reform Seminar (online) August 15 2020

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National Drug Policy Reform Seminar (online) August 15 2020

On 8.15.20, The National Cannabis Festival, NORML, Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Minority Cannabis Business Association, Wisconsin NORML and our movement allies invite you to attend The National Drug Policy Reform Seminar (NDPRS).

NDPRS is a free, nonpartisan, virtual public gathering place for policymakers, experts, and advocates from across the United States to discuss the evolving drug policy landscape and future of marijuana law reform. RSVP at our ticket link to attend!

Timed to take place in the days leading up to the 2020 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, NDPRS provides the next administration and Congress with recommendations to successfully navigate the evolving cannabis policy landscape.

Agenda 📋
Join us for a series of engaging discussions, speakers to be announced:

✅ The Advocates Behind the MORE Act
✅ The History of Prohibition and the Case for Full Decriminalization
✅ Winning with Marijuana in a Swing State
✅ The Intersection Between Climate Justice and the War on Drugs
✅ How Can a Federal Regulatory Framework Serve as a Foundation for Social Equity?

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National Drug Policy Reform Seminar (online) August 15 2020

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