#ScroggingWithTheScroger DC Cannabis Growers Show – May 6 2016

ScroggingWithTheScrogerKnown through the DC Cannabis community for  his Scrogging techniques and his continued acts of kindness throughout the city, our friend DC Scroger will be hosting a live Cannabis Grow show from the LVS Studios in Washington DC starting tonight May 6 2016. You can call in, ask questions, and listen live!  Here is the information from the event page:


UR invited to Watch and Listen as DC Scroger Presents The District of Columbia’s first true Grow Show On WLVSradio.comWhere Local Cannabis Growers are featured and reviewed. The purpose of my show is to inform the general public about the different growing styles, new technology, and the discuss the benefits of growing your own cannabis. DC is a diverse City with different walks of Life. The Scrogging With The Scroger Show’s goal is to educated the masses on the cultural, social & economical impact & growing cannabis brings to D.C. and the world.

Today at 9pm – 11pm Listen Vision Studios

(202) 332-8494


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