#SmokeSessions – January 24 2017

#SmokeSessions – January 24 2017

Last Friday’s Inaugural #Trump420 was nothing less than epic! We showed President Trump and the entire world that cannabis reform is a non-partisan issue that needs to be addressed NOW!

There were no arrests, no fights, no ambulances, and no arson. We lit up joints not cars! If you haven’t yet, please stretch out your arm, and place your hand over your shoulder, and pat yourself on the back. We could not have done it without the help and support of hundreds of volunteers that make DCMJ one of the leading voices in cannabis reform in America.

What’s next? Tomorrow morning we are going back to the Senate for another installment of #SmokeSessions.

The first order of business of the Senate Judiciary committee is voting on the nomination of Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. Please join us before sunrise at 6:20am outside the Dirksen Senate Office building, near the eastern corner of Constitution Ave. & 1st Street NE. We are going to arrive early, but since the room is extremely tiny, we encourage you to arrive even earlier at 4:20am if you want to ensure you are 1st in line. Please wear red and/or your liberty cap!

If you can’t make it tomorrow, fear not, there will be a full Senate vote that will be taking place sometime in the next week or two where all 100 Senators will vote to confirm or deny Sessions as the next U.S. Attorney General.

You can attend that upcoming vote in person by obtaining a Senate gallery pass by visiting Congresswoman Norton’s office (Rayburn 2136) or if you are one of the fortunate American citizens reading this who actually have Senators, by visiting your Senator’s Washington, DC office and asking for one. When we find out when the Senate’s full vote is happening, we’ll be sure to send out an email.

Reserve parking in advance for the event! Our link gets $5 in credits when you sign up.

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