Supersoil Mixing Party – October 8 2016

Supersoil Mixing Party - October 8 2016Supersoil Mixing Party – October 8 2016

Create supersoil with organic nutes and save $$ on soil and nutes. $25 per person so we can order all ingredients; pro-mix, perlite, azomite, etc. We will be having fresh manure from local farm; rabbit, goat, cow, horse, and chicken manure and maybe oyster meal from Chesapeake 😉

This is potluck event so those who have leftover organic nute or soil amendments, feel free to bring them and add to the mix! Also, bring your black trashbag, trashcan, or buckets- we will be dividing up to about 20-30 gal worth of supersoil each person (approx 80-120qt wet volume) twice the amount as last time.

Payment deadline: 9/17

Supersoil mixing and smoke! 😉

Facebook evvent page:

Reserve parking in advance for the event! Our link gets $5 in credits when you sign up.

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