The Baltimore Cannabis Relief Festival by Cannabis Visionariez (MD) March 28 2020

The Baltimore Cannabis Relief Festival by Cannabis Visionariez (MD) March 28 2020

The Baltimore Cannabis Relief Festival by Cannabis Visionariez (MD) March 28 2020

2020 Baltimore Cannabis Relief Festival

The inaugural Baltimore Cannabis Relief Fest is a multi-faceted event, celebrating the benefits of Medical Cannabis. The event will feature more than 30 businesses representing every aspect of the cannabis industry. There will be special guest speakers, presentations from industry experts, unique sales and promotions. The event also features a FIRST OF ITS KIND MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT COMPETITION to determine which businesses have the best products, according to the patients who use them.

Patient Judged Medical Cannabis Competition

The Medical Cannabis Patient Competition will consist of a select group of patients. The 100 individuals are chosen because they suffer from one or more specific qualifying conditions making them eligible to qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card. Participants span a large range of ages and experience different levels of pain\discomfort related to their condition. Participates will provide honest feedback and analysis on a multitude of products that will be tested and reviewed over several weeks leading up to the event. These “Patient Ambassadors” will also be available to make recommendations and provide insight into their personal experience to those in attendance who may be seeking a new product that provides them greater relief.

The identification of these products will benefit everyone from patients to recommending physicians, who will now be able to identify products that provide relief for specific conditions. The savings in money and time to efficiently identify these products are a tremendous help to patients who may be on limited income without the ability to try many products in the hopes of eventually landing on something that works best for them. Participants will also be honored in a certificate presentation ceremony which will take place at the Festival.

Unique Features and Promotions at the Event

The Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Cannabis Debate

The main feature of the event will be a town hall-style forum, featuring several of the Baltimore City Mayoral Candidates. Candidates will get to answer questions submitted by patients and attendees. The questions will help residents determine which candidates are in support of legalization and decriminalization. The event will be moderated by an award-winning journalist with the Baltimore Sun and will be featured on several media platforms including Cannabis Radio, and Facebook Live. With more than 50,000 medical marijuana patients on the state’s registry, cannabis legislation has become a very important issue to both the citizens and the politicians seeking their vote.

Power Hour

Power Hour is the time slot reserved for a particular vendor to feature their products including any special sale the vendor wants to promote at the event. Each vendor has the opportunity to select their time slot, and what their sale or promotion will feature. All sales related to the promotion must be provided to the Event Coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the event to ensure it is added to the promotion schedule. We will also be live-streaming the event on Facebook and each vendor wishing to participate can be interviewed by our host and speak about their company and its products. Interviews can also be uploaded to each individual company’s website for advertising purposes.

Flash Sales

Flash Sales are featured sales that each vendor will be able to designate during their Power Hour promotion. Flash Sales have been very popular at our past events. Flash Sales must be submitted to the Event Coordinator prior to the event, in order to be promoted at the event. The details of the Flash Sales will not be published in any event flyer or promotion prior to the event to encourage attendance.

Presentations Taking Place at The Event

There will be several unique presentations covering a variety of topics. They are all designed to be both provocative and insightful. Some of the presentations will include: (list subject to change)

Cooking With Cannabis: Food Infusion is an introductory class for all those interested in how to incorporate cannabis or CBD into the foods they consume; includes a demonstration on how to make Cannabutter, micro-dosing techniques, and a review of what foods go best with Cannabis infusion. All demonstrations taking place will substitute CBD for Cannabis in order to avoid any legal issues.

Cannabis: A Legal review: This presentation will be facilitated by our legal vendor, a Board-Certified Attorney who will explain the current state of cannabis legislation and provide information on how someone with previous charges can get the charge expunged.

Just the Facts, Jack: Come and meet representatives from the Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition. They will speak to attendees about the economic opportunities Medical Cannabis has brought to the state, some of the industry businesses they are associated with, and what they do.

That’s How We Roll: Simply put this is a beginner’s guide to rolling a perfect Marijuana Cigarette. To stay in compliance, the instructors of this presentation will utilize CBD to demonstrate. There will also be a free giveaway at the end of the presentation of a top of the line Rolling Machine, courtesy of one of our vendors.

Cannabis for Cancer: This presentation will feature Cancer Patients who have had success in managing the symptoms of their Cancer Diagnosis with medical cannabis. There will be recommendations for battling fatigue from treatment, nausea from chemotherapy, and ways to help with loss of appetite.

CBD for Beginners: An introductory class on CBD. CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum, how to choose a reliable product, and CBD for pets are just some of the topics that will be covered.

Event Participation

Event turn out and and vendor satisfaction are both top priorities. To increase participation and attendance, we implement an aggressive advertising campaign, including actively recruiting several community organizations. We reach out directly to these groups, and offer a limited number of spaces for them to participate, if they so choose. We work closely with organizations to promote attendance at our events (who will receive flyers, complimentary VIP tickets) including:

Veteran Organizations Community Coalitions Senior Service Groups

Support Groups Civic Organizations Local and State Politicians

Print and Online Media Groups in the Cannabis and Alternative Health Industries

Vendor Fees and Payment Schedule

Vendor Fees for this event are some of the lowest in the industry. The fees range based on location and date of payment.

Baltimore Dispensaries $299 (Only 5 vendor spots available)

Regional Dispensaries $299 (Only 1 available per area)

(Areas include Rockville, Bethesda, Townson, Ellicott City, and Gaithersburg and will include bus transportation for area residents)

Industry Businesses $199 (Only 5 vendor spots available)

(This includes CBD Vendors, Vape Shops, and Clinics)

Food Vendors $149 (Only 4 food/concession trucks)

Full payment must be received no later than 02/28/2020. Any payment received after the due date will incur a $50 late registration fee.


The Baltimore Cannabis Relief Festival by Cannabis Visionariez (MD) March 28 2020

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