The Wednesdayz Brew by WOMMAN LLC – April May June 2017

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The Wednesdayz Brew by WOMMAN LLC – April May June 2017

Every Wednesday at the Elroy! We are so excited to be back and out and about! Come threw and get with this Brew Crew!

Hedgeman Philip With the SouthEast Rachet Cakes! AND his CAMERA!!!!!!

Davy Fresh with the POPS and Live performances! This brother is super talented and humble cause he knows how dope he is. NOT just a rhymer but an artist on the rise passionate about his shit! Jeselene Andraade for making it all go as smoothly as possible!

Nicole Butler Canna Meals!

Ebony Kirby has the back patio on lock. It is a a terrace of color, art, and live painting with canna in the air!

THE whole DC Cannabition team is unparralled and outstanding in all endeavors. I am super blessed to have built relationships with these DC genuiuses. Thank you all for this collaborative effort!

NBA Playoffs will be on all TVs!

I won’t be surprised if Ebony Kirby turns that patio into a sip and paint sessions!



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