Total Hemp Laboratory : Experiment #003 – Hemp Oil Chocolate – February 7 2017

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Total Hemp Laboratory : Experiment #003 - Hemp Oil Chocolate - February 7 2017

Total Hemp Laboratory : Experiment #003 – Hemp Oil Chocolate – February 7 2017

Join Total Hemp Founder, Hemp Estes and some of his Celebrity and not so Celebrity FB Friends in the Laboratory!

Welcome to Total Hemp Laboratory: Experiment #003 – Hemp Oil Chocolate

Every Valentine’s Day, Chocolate is king and remains the all time champ as far as gifts go, on what many consider to be the most romantic holiday of the year.

Why? Is it simply because it’s delicious? Maybe it started to become a tradition as a gift on Valentine’s Day once scientists discovered Chocolate had some real health benefits, especially for the heart.

Maybe Chocolate is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift because, when ingested, Chocolate increases the brains level of serotonin (the feel good brain chemical). Increased brain serotonin delivered by chocolate increases sexual excitation, desire and responsiveness.

As a side note, Women have more serotonin in their systems than men do and appear to be more sensitive to the effects of Chocolate.

To get a better understanding of this sultry snack, let’s take a look at some of the claims that have been made about Chocolate over the Centuries:

CLAIM: Chocolate has been referred to as “the food of the gods” since the thirteenth Century.

CLAIM: The Aztec ruler, Montezuma believed chocolate was an aphrodisiac.

CLAIM: Christopher Columbus enjoyed the chocolate he looted in the Americas so much, he brought some back as a tribute to Queen Isabella of Spain along with some other stuff he stole like gold and tribal relics.

Once Chocolate hit Europe, the new sensation and its legend as an aphrodisiac quickly made its rounds within the inner circles of the horney European aristocracy and over time found it’s way into the bedroom of even the most common man and woman.

Fast forward through time about four Centuries and Chocolate’s popularity only increases. It begins to be mass produced and is successfully commercialized.

In 1861 Chocolate maker, Richard Cadbury created the first ever heart shaped box specifically for Valentine’s Day and so marked the common merchandising link between chocolate and Valentine’s Day.

Much like Hemp, Chocolate had also been demonized over the years.

In the 18th century Chocolate was thought to be the leading cause of the infamous “Hysteria” Epidemic. If anything, a little Chocolate might of helped these poor misdiagnosed women since, some of the symptoms were: sexual repression, weakness, mental instability (lonelyness) and the general need to “cause trouble” .

It’s a wonder Chocolate was never labeled a gateway snack.

So, for this Valentines Day our brave Participant Panel will be bringing together two of the most legendary star crossed lovers in history using, Coco and’s Cold Pressed 100% Organic Hemp Seed Oil, to create the fabled aphrodisiac “Chocolate”.

I’d say perhaps you may want to sit down but, I think I’ll suggest that you lay down for this one. The results promise to be tantalizing!

WARNING:,, Winkin Sun Hemp, their affiliates and Sponsors accept no responsibility for the effects or actions taken by anyone ingesting the Hemp Oil Chocolate described on this page. ie. Sudden Passionate Outbursts or any offsprings realized from such encounters.

PANEL INTRODUCTION: (Participant Panel Positions / Open)

MARIEANN COULES – Founder/Director, Member Cannabis Growers of Canada.

DOUG FLIGHT – Founder/Owner
Winkin’ Sun Hemp™ Co.
Food Justice Advocate, “Worldwide Hemp” Activist
Member West Virginia Hemp Farmers Cooperative

ALESSYA BROOKES – Internationally Published Glamour Model based out of South Africa, EFC Ring Girl and Cannabis Activist.

SAMANDRA CALLENDER – Hemp Activist, Owner DCNC Hemp.

CHEF TRAVIS FARNHAM – Hemp Chef Extrodinare

RICHARD ROSSADILLO – Anchorman at 420 World News

LINDSAY SCHOOLER – Studio Owner/ Instructor at Happy Goat Yoga

DOMINIQUE FORD – Entrepreneur, Cannabis / Industrial Hemp Activist.

CATHY THUERWACTHER KORTE – Director of Special Ops @

KAREN CARUSO – Resident certified Traditional Naturopath.


CHERYL VARGASON – Hemp Activist.

MIKE AIELLO – World Adventurer.


Between Febuary 7th and Febuary 20th each of our Panel Participants will prepare a batch of Hemp Oil Chocolate, following the recipe below and using the Hemp Oil Chocolate Lab Kit that was sent to them via

Our Panel will then be snapping and posting pics or vids of their batch of Hemp Oil Chocolate along with commenting with their observations and opinions about using’s Cold Pressed 100% Organic Hemp Seed Oil as a cooking ingredient. Participants will post here on this event page so, check back often you never know what will pop up!



1 cup of Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil
1 cup of Organic Process Cocoa Powder
½ cup Raw Honey or to taste- using half this amount or less will make a bittersweet chocolate
1 teaspoon of Real Vanilla Extract or other flavors to taste
1 oz. Hemp Hearts or to taste.


1. Heat Hemp Oil in medium pan over very low heat.

2. Once Hemp Oil is heated but, Not boiling add cocoa powder, honey, vanilla and Hemp Hearts. Make sure all ingredients are well incorporated and smooth.

3. Remove from heat and pour the chocolate into a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a glass pan.

4. Place baking sheet or glass pan in refrigerater for several hours to harden.


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