Urban Decay Scavenger Sesh (MD) June 23 2018

Urban Decay Scavenger Sesh (MD) June 23 2018

Urban Decay Scavenger Sesh (MD) June 23 2018

Join G.I. Mary Jane and the Charm City Cannabis Coalition for a FREE Saturday morning photo scavenger hunt with the 420 community on Saturday, June 23rd 10am-1pm

Most everyone is familiar with the good ol’ fashioned scavenger hunt, well we’ve put a 2018 social media spin on it! Each team will be given a list of things to find and take pictures of in order to check off on their lists. Some pictures include group participation, for example…

The Tree Hugging Hippy: Find a tree and hug it with a partner making sure your hands interlock around the tree.

This is a fun list guys! Some of it involves moderate physical activity so don’t sleep through the stretch out! Also, be sure to come with your phonescharged and back up batteries if needed.

Schedule as follows:

10:00am: Warm-up and Prep: Participants will be pared up in teams and photo scavenger hunt lists will be distributed as we explain the rules.

10:30am: Let the games begin!: We begin our hike through the woods to explore the ruins of this historical site and start checking off items on the list. (winner will be announced July 7th based on picture likes) Basically, there’s no need to rush! It’s not who finishes first, it’s who gets the most creative pictures that wins! (prizes & details announced in registration e-mail)

12:30pm: Reconvene at meeting point for a post hike cool down and disperse by 1pm

This will be a fun way to meet and network with the area 420 community and help to break the social stigma through the pictorial campaign.

** This is a 21+ event! You must provide photo ID

** Feel free to separate from the group and go home after you get through your list, no one is bound to staying until completion.

** You are NOT expected to include your face in any images but are welcome to if you are comfortable. each participant will be asked for their photo consent prior to the event and can still participate if they choose to decline consent. we understand the stigma and we don’t want to jeprodize any of our participants safety or well being
Meet up location and hunt list released at 4:20 the evening of 6/22

BE ADVISED! There are A LOT of steep hills along the way but also a lot of flat land and AWESOME things to see!

First 5 attendees to arrive receive a free gift from our sponsors! Water will be provided to each participant.

RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/232382370865241/

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