Soulful Paint Sessions – 420 Paint Class – Live Concert (DC) January 31 2020

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Verde Presents Soulful Paint Sessions - Doobies (DC) January 31 2020

Soulful Paint Sessions – 420 Paint Class – Live Concert  (DC) January 31 2020

Verde Presents: Soulful Paint Sessions

January’s Theme: The Principle of Yin & Yang
January’s Youtube video of the Month

Join us for a Soulful approach to paint night, good vibes, cannabis, and a live concert.

Indulge in a soulful, guided, creative art class. OR feel your creative vibes and follow your own creative rythmn – up to you!

The Soulful Paint Session class includes paint supplies, a gifted pre-roll an edible, light refreshments and a live performance by local artists.

ALL ATTENDEES MUST BE 21 OR OLDER. All attendees must also have valid identification and proof of ticket purchase upon arrival. #BYOWfriendly

All beginners & experience creatives welcome!
Event Location will be held at an Art Gallery in DC. Event Address will be emailed to you.

Payment can be made above – secured using Stripe. If you have any trouble purchasing tickets or you prefer to pay via Cash App. Please contact me via IG @feelgoodfire. You will also be eligible for ticket specials below.

1 Ticket = $35
2 Tickets = $65
3 Tickets = $100
4 Tickets = $135
5 Tickets = $165



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