Virginia Hemp Growers Workshop by Farm to Fork (VA) March 7 2020

Virginia Hemp Growers Workshop by Farm to Fork (VA) March 7 2020

Virginia Hemp Growers Workshop by Farm to Fork (VA) March 7 2020

The hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) industry is expected to be worth $7 billion by 2023, according to Hemp Industry Daily!

At the Hemp workshop, There will be a master class followed by a question and answer session where industry experts will answer any question or concerns to the best of their ability. Our keynote speaker, will discuss the basics of growing and the key information that is needed regarding in season management . This includes methods of planting, sun orientation and watering. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of greenhouses, which are essential to run a good hemp farm. our other speaker will focus on The Essentials on building business relationships and how to sell your product and the simplicity and complexity of building a network.

There will also be License applications on hand and professionals there that will help you fill them out and answer any questions related to the hemp industry.

Workshop Itinerary

9:00am Propagation for CBD All the ins and outs of getting a CBD hemp plant from Clone to Harvest. Learn about fertilizer, environmental and cultural requirements.

9:30am In-Season Management of the Crop Learn what options exist for field or tunnel preparation, equipment and strategies for transplanting and season-long care of a CBD hemp crop. Discussion will include common pitfalls and examples of successful and unique approaches to production.

10:00am Mineral Nutrition Who, What, When? We will discuss fertilizer choices for CBD hemp production, what you really need, what you don’t and what to look out for as well as managing insects and diseases.

10:30am Phytochemical Testing – the ends and outs of all things testing will be explored in this intensive session including in season monitoring, best sampling techniques and what does “Total THC” really mean.

11:00am Growing the crop is only half the battle! Understand your choices for harvesting, drying and storage of biomass to maximize your quality, yield and meet your buyers’ needs.

12:00 pm Lunch (provided)

1:00pm Contracting and Marketing Understanding the current target market, their knowledge on CBD products and how to reach your consumers and the best practices for agricultural contracting as it applies to CBD production and processing.

2:00pm Question and answer session . Participants will be able to fill out licence applications as well answer questions

Clones will be available for contracts and purchase.


Virginia Hemp Growers Workshop by Farm to Fork (VA) March 7 2020

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