Where to buy weed in DC?

Where to buy weed in DC?

Marijuana is now available in dispensaries in DC and available pretty much on every corner and every party you go to.  To go to a dispensary in DC you must be 21+ years old with valid ID and DC Medical Marijuana Card or one of the many states that DC honors cards for.

Every day of the week you can go to a DC cannabis event or Maryland Marijuana event, take a look and see what is happening today,

DC also has many COOPs, collectives, and clubs you might consider cheeking out.

Be careful where you are smoking, many spots in DC are federal property and it is illegal.

There are many places you can also get free weed with a purchase so you don’t always have to buy weed in DC.

Where to Buy Weed in DC

Where to buy weed in DC?

Some stores give free marijuana with purchase, check them out!

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