Women Grow DC Marijuana Edibles and Cultivation – June 2 2016

WomenGrow-Edibles-CultivationThe Women Grow DC meeting in June will focus on Edibles and Cultivation and features two local women in the DC cannabis industry!

Torie Wallace, Founder of We Baked

Torie Wallace is the Founder of We Baked, a cannabis edible non-profit in DC. We Baked works to educate gentrified communities on a plant that once locked them up. All marijuana strains aren’t for every ailment, and We Baked’s job is to teach communities how to research and educate themselves on the medicinal qualities of the marijuana. Torie aims to build a bridge that allows the high class, privileged, medicinal, financially successful and cultivation centers to meet some of best growers and breeders from low income, and poverty-stricken communities.

Born and Raised in the DMV, a believer and lover of Yahweh, Family and Love. Owner, Personal Chef of Dekab Square Catering Services, part owner of Hazel Mae Blaq Cosignment, singer, conscious educator, activist, storyteller, poet and actress on web series “District Heat.” Works with the likes of GoGo Fitness LLC, DC or Nothing with Mr. Tony Lewis Jr, and the Sanaa Project. Advocate for anything positive, especially when it comes to the Black Youth. She will try any sport once. Hobbies other than Music are Reading, Boxing, Mentoring. Oh yeah… Wiz Fan and HTTR!

Kathyrn Rust – Manager at District Growers 

Kathryn currently serves as a Manager at the Washington DC-based medical cannabis cultivation center, District Growers. She further serves as an Assistant Manager at the Metropolitan Wellness Center located in Capitol Hill and has been a leader and pillar of progress in both facilities since their opening in 2013. Kathryn brings over a decade of experience in the medical cannabis industry, specializing in patient care and genetic specific training techniques. Kathryn has a BA in Biology from San Diego State University and became a certified Holistic Health Practitioner after graduating from the Mueller College also located in San Diego, CA.

Get tickets: https://www.universe.com/events/women-grow-dc-marijuana-edibles-and-cultivation-tickets-4S0GW3

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