5 Reasons Marijuana is unlike any drug

5 Reasons Marijuana is unlike any drug

5 Reasons Marijuana is unlike any drug

If you smoke cannabis, you’ve probably had someone ask you how marijuana is unlike any of the other drugs on the street or even on pharmacy shelves. Even if you’re a nonsmoker and ingest cannabis to gain medicinal benefits, naysayers will always question your choice. Yes, marijuana is a drug that has its own effects, but in all honesty, it stands apart from other drugs due to a multitude of reasons listed below:

  1. As natural as it can get

Not everything natural is necessarily safe, but marijuana is different in this regard. Other drugs like cocaine are so processed that they can’t be considered natural – even though they are derived from plants as well. For instance, cocaine is sold only after harmful substances like cement, petrol, sulfuric acid etc, are added. Morphine is a strong opiate – derived completely from the opium plant. But, on the other hand, cannabis can be consumed or smoked without any harmful additions. Try smoking some coca leaves like cannabis, and you’ll be convinced that very few similarities between it and marijuana exist.

  1. Make your own medicines

Since DIY is quickly becoming a household word, some think about the concept can pertain to just about anything. Yet, can you make your own medicines? Not unlike creating home made antibiotic cream with natural items in your kitchen cupboard, it is possible to ‘do it yourself’ with medicinal cannabis recipes. Again, all you need is some quality herb to make CBD oil or CBD tinctures, and you’ll be making medicines that may work better than many of the meds sold in the pharmaceutical industry. And with the most minimal amount of processing to boot.

  1. Affordable and easy

Cannabis users don’t have to rely on their dealers to receive their medicines because they can grow it themselves. With so many companies selling top quality cannabis seeds, it can be just as simple as growing vegetables at home. You just stick some seeds in soil and watch the plant grow until it produces buds. It’s just like growing tomatoes! You can’t do that with heroin or cocaine, and that’s another reason why marijuana is unlike any drug.

  1. Not physically addictive

No matter what people tell you, cannabis is not physically addictive. It is notorious as a gateway drug, but new studies squash that theory as well, stating that the causation does not truly exist. On the other hand cocaine and OxyContin users suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms including paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations. Sure, you might find a psychological dependence to marijuana because of the great psychoactive effects. One may even find it difficult to relax well without their cannabis. But those who have dropped or drastically reduced their cannabis intake have rarely had problems – I’ve definitely never met a person who needed any kind of professional help or 12 Step meeting because of their green lifestyle.

  1. Not fatal

The media is rife with news concerning drug abuse that usually results in many deaths. For instance, tobacco kills at least half of the smokers, and alcohol is known to kill 1 person every 10 seconds, according to the World Health Organization. Cannabis, on the other hand, has a record number of ZERO deaths. We live in a world where dangerous cigarettes and drinks are legal, but a harmless substance that hasn’t killed anyone is illegal. Pathetic, isn’t it?

  1. You cannot overdose

Drugs carry their danger mainly because you never know how or when it can kill you. Many people underestimate drugs and die from overdose more frequently than you can imagine. Even drinking too much water after an Ecstasy pill has resulted in deaths. Overdosing on drugs is a huge problem, but when it comes to marijuana, you’d need at least 1500 pounds to overdose! Experienced cannabis smokers will admit that they sometimes go overboard, but it only results in increased appetite and maybe, a bad mood afterward. One can die due to alcohol poisoning after half a bottle if consumed too quickly. Opioid overdoses are so common and powerful that many facilities and ambulances carry the FDA approved rescue syringe of naloxone to buy them more time before the victim gets to the hospital. Cannabis users never have any experience close to this tragic situation.

Marijuana has proved every time that it can’t be compared to other drugs, yet society has yet to recognize this truth. Legalizing cannabis is really a no-brainer, especially considering all the benefits, but it always seems like a hard task to convince people to believe in the herb. Fortunately, times are changing now, and we are hopefully not far away from the time where everyone can enjoy cannabis – and all its benefits – without a worry in the world.

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