Joint Delivery Gift Boxes

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Joint Delivery Gift Boxes

Its finally starting to feel like the winter season is approaching us quickly. Don’t you love just snuggling in some blankets and smoking a bowl of some fresh greens! Join us tomorrow for another free preroll Tuesday!

Having trouble finding a gift for a friend or family? Well, this Christmas get them one of ours exclusive gift boxes. You get a taste of our new brand as well as some amazing items.
The Gift Box will include, but not limited to – Shine Papers, Glass Bowl, Clipper Lighters, with gifts of edibles, cartridges, and flower. We are excited to bring you all this amazing box. More information will be provided soon…
Holidays are approaching! Get your friends what they really want!

Flowers to make you feel….

Awake – Lemon Tree, Clementine
Sleepy – Sweet Black Angel
Balanced – Girl Scout Cookies

Cartridges to make you feel…

Awake- Jetty Sativa, Blueberry Diesel, Tangie
Sleepy- Jetty Indica, King Louis III, Skywalker OG
Balanced – Jetty Hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies, Presidential OG

Check out the JointLife website!

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