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We are in the process of updating the template for the website. You might encounter some errors on the page, they will be resolved.

Some of the changes you will notice:

  • Updated Site Template
  • Removal of Several Unused pages
  • Removal of Google ads
  • Addition of Patreon to support the site
  • Website Speed Optimization

The removal of Google ads is not by choice. We are being forced to remove because of the site content. The website gets major traffic and that costs money! Removing the google ads is bad because it pays the web hosting bills! I spend 8 hours a week adding and promoting events, been doing that for over 2 years now!

If you do like this site and use it to find events, please consider signing up on my Patreon and donating a couple bucks, it would really help out!

Rick Skunk
Washington DC Cannabis Enthusiast 

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