3 Tips for Shopping for CBD Online

3 Tips for Shopping for CBD Online

3 Tips for Shopping for CBD Online

With CBD legalized across the nation, patients everywhere have access to CBD oil, edibles, flower, and much more – but not every CBD product is the same. CBD of course, is the compound from the cannabis plant that has a plethora of healing benefits without the “high” you get from THC. People use CBD to alleviate anxiety, inflammation, muscle pain and more.

Before you can feel confident about buying the miracle supplement, you need to know what to look for in a CBD product to truly make the right decision. There are plenty of resources from medical research to CBD reviews to help you find We’ve gathered three important tips to keep note of while you’re shopping so that you can be your most confident when buying CBD. Let’s dive in to stop wasting your money and make the CBD products you purchase count.

1. Understand Why You’re Using CBD

Why do you need CBD? Every human body can benefit from its properties in some way, though most of the benefits are claimed from anecdotal evidence and limited research due to legal constraints on the topic. We know, with certainty, that CBD can be used as a specific treatment for two rare forms of epilepsy. However, you may be wanting to consume CBD for another purpose. Research suggests that CBD might help with opioid addiction, multiple sclerosis, inflammation, anxiety, pain, depression, and so much more. It can reduce nausea and/or stimulate appetite, which is incredibly helpful for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Likewise, it’s been seen to improve mood, relieve stress, and promote better and easier sleep. While research is limited on the long-term effects, CBD is proving to be a reliable solution to a wide range of health problems.

So, what do you want out of CBD oil or other CBD products? The specific health benefit you’re trying to target can make it easier to narrow down the list of many CBD products on the market.

2. Understand Your CBD Source

As you’re researching different CBD brands, get to know the source of where these brands obtain the CBD in their products. Every CBD manufacturer holds different quality controls and standards, so it’s vital that you know where the CBD oil comes from and what’s added with it before you receive the final product. Find out where the CBD distributor you’re considering sources their hemp or cannabis and make sure that the plant is grown in a clean environment free from toxins and other harmful materials.

Some key factors when it comes to checking your source: make sure you’re working with a transparent seller, above all else that provides 3rd party lab test results. Source CBD that’s extracted from hemp grown in the United States organically to ease worry about pesticides and herbicides.

3 Know How Much CBD is in Each Product

“1,000 MG Hemp Extract” and “1,000 MG CBD Oil” generally mean the same thing, and you should see that in bold print labeled on the bottle. Know how much pure CBD is in each bottle and how much of each bottle is a serving. Is that serving enough pure CBD for your needs?

The milligrams (mg) per day of CBD oil you need differs for each health problem. For example, chronic pain patients can use between 30mg and 50 mg of pure CBD per day to feel its effects. Meanwhile, multiple sclerosis patients may need a daily amount of anywhere from 60 to 120 mg of CBD.

Never Stop Researching

There’s a lot to know before feeling confident when you’re shopping for CBD online. Understanding the source, who the manufacturer is and what their process is, and knowing how much pure CBD is in each product will help you feel better informed about your decision.

Hopefully these tips were beneficial, but what are some other tips you have for patients shopping for CBD online? Let us know in the comments below!

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