4 Fundamental Things To Consider When Buying A Glass Bong

4 Fundamental Things To Consider When Buying A Glass Bong

When it comes to bongs, then you cannot go wrong with one made of glass. Glass bongs come in an array of options. The material is excellent for smoking implements even though regarded by many as fragile. Glass bongs have several advantages that make them a better choice over pipes made from other types of materials. Moreover, glass bongs look exquisite and are inexpensive.

When thinking of getting a new glass bong, especially if it is for the first time, you should consider the following:

  1. Select The Right Glass

Glass in its original state is a fragile material, and this is what should be in your mind when purchasing a glass bong. Go for one made from reinforced glass. Also, consider the size and see if you can get a portable one that can fit in pockets or a purse to carry with you wherever you go. Above all, remember that the bong is made from glass and bumping it against hard surfaces can crack or break it.

The large varieties of bongs can be a bother to carry around, and some tend to have additional features that can be complicated. As such, most of the big glass bongs are ideal for home use where they can also be kept safe.

  1. Features

Regarding the features, the complicated addition to some bongs can take away the joys of using them. But then again, simplicity in some features may make the use of some glass bongs such a drab. What you should look for are features that are in-between not too simple nor too complicated. They should offer a straightforward functionality that gets the job done. In short, you should strive to find a bong whose construction is a balance between form and functionality. Something that looks good as a display and performs essential functions flawlessly. Keep in mind that the more complex the glass bong, the higher the risk of damage.

  1. Chambers

Check the number of chambers of the bong. Pick one that has several chambers because the design will filter the smoke well to provide a clean, light and pleasant smoke. Some bongs incorporate the use of ice in one of their chambers to help cool the smoke before inhaling.

  1. Accessories

Invest in a bong that comes with accessories, and these can be add-ons and features meant to enhance the smoking experience. Ash holders, ice catchers, and perc are some of the accessories that come with some glass bongs. While these will add to the overall experience of smoking using the bong, it is possible to have a satisfying smoke without some of them. Again, the simple route may avail much; meaning the few the extras the less the risk of losing or damaging the add-ons and the less you have to spend.


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