5 Tips To Make the Most of your Herb Grinder

Herb Grinder

5 Tips To Make the Most of your Herb Grinder

For many people, using a weed grinder for the first time can be intimidating. This shouldn’t, however, be too much a hassle especially if you have a good quality grinder. Some of the best grinders have four chambers and mainly made of zing or aluminum. To get a fine grind of the buds, you need to use the grinder as per the directions provided. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to use a grinder effectively.

  1. Choose the Best Quality Grinder You Can Afford

The key to a fine grind and durability lies with a good quality herb grinder, see collection here and find the best grinder for you.  From the articles and tips outlined on expertsofherb.com, it is evident that you can get the best grinder without breaking the bank. Although grinders come in a wide variety of shapes and make, wooden and acrylic herb grinders aren’t recommended especially if you wish to use it for the long-term. Although cheap, these wear off quite quickly hence might not be capable of giving you a fine grind after some time. Zinc or aluminum-made grinders are considered the best on the market. Space Case is a good example of a high-quality aluminum herb grinder. You might also want to check out zinc-made Chromium Crusher.

A good grinder will come with several additional features to make the grinding process and experience smoother too. Most manufacturers will list these features in the product description. You can also inquire with the manufacturer about features that come with a specific type of herb grinder as well. Some of the features you ought to look out for include the number of holes each chamber has, and how many teeth the top chamber has as well. Take some time to read reviews and testimonials on various grinders on Amazon or BestGrinder.net to learn more about a specific grinder.

  1. Don’t Overload the Top Chamber

Most first-timers will overload the top chamber of the grinder. This is, however, one mistake you should avoid when using your grinder. If possible, half-fill the top chamber for easier grinding. Filling the chamber with the herb means you get to grind more, use more energy, and wait a lot longer to get a finer product. Simply add just enough herb for grinding, and top it up after several uses.

  1. Grind with The Grinder Upside Down

Pro-grinder users and a few YouTubers recommend this too. Turning the grinder upside down helps ensure a finely ground herb, and saves you time too. One of the reasons for this might be because turning it upside down allows the herb to come into contact with the teeth well, hence well ground buds. You should however hold the top cap firmly when grinding to avoid spilling the herb everywhere – accidentally.

  1. Grind Slowly but Thoroughly

The first thing you will notice with grinding your herb for the first time is that there will be some mild resistance from the grinder when you twist it. This happens as the buds come into contact with the teeth. The resistance however reduces as you continue grinding. For this reason, it would be advisable to grind slowly but thoroughly to enable the grinder to produce a finer grind. Following the step above, grinding will become easier the more you grind with the grinder in an upside-down position. If no resistance is felt when twisting, it then means the herb is ready.

  1. Collect Kief

This is the finest piece of marijuana which builds upon the metal filter of the fourth chamber of the grinder. Kief is known to contain more THC content than regular marijuana, one of the reasons many stoners love it. Kief will however only build up after using the grinder several times. If looking to collect more kief, you could place a few coins in the third chamber. The coins should be placed just on top of the metal screen to enable kief to collect easily. Placing the grinder in the freezer for half an hour might also help collect more kief for easier scraping.

These are just but a few tips and tricks on how to use a grinder. As mentioned earlier, you need to choose a good quality grinder to enjoy the convenience and higher quality herb. Although you might know this already, the ground herb has a higher potency, one of the reasons many stoners prefer it to unground buds.


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