CBD Oil: Can It Really Help You in Relieving Pain?

CBD Oil: Can It Really Help You in Relieving Pain?

CBD Oil: Can It Really Help You in Relieving Pain?

People use cannabidiol to treat many symptoms, but there are other people who believe it only does harm. There is a lot of confusion about this subject.

Cannabidiol has health benefits, but it also comes with risks. We’ve written this article to tell you more about the CBD oil.

What is the CBD oil?

CBD is just one of the compounds, that are known as cannabinoids, and are found in the cannabis plant. Scientists believe that it can be good for therapeutic uses.

Is CBD actually marijuana?

The most popular compound from the cannabis is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol – the THC everyone talks about. This is, indeed, the active ingredient found in marijuana. However, marijuana contains both THC and CBD, but they have a different effect on humans.

The THC is the one that gets you high if you cook it or smoke it. But when it comes to CBD, it’s an entirely different story, because it’s not psychoactive – so it will not change your state of mind if you use it.

Where does CBD come from?

Cannabis also has a least processed form of cannabis, and that is hemp. The hemp is the one that has enough CBD for people to use it to treat symptoms. Both marijuana and hemp come from the same plant, called Cannabis sativa, but they are very different.

Marijuana farmers breed their plants to have a higher level of THC (to give the feeling of getting high). But the hemp farmers don’t modify the plants but are used, as they are, to create the CBD oil. It’s true; it can sometimes have side-effects. Don’t forget to read more about the CBD oil side effects here.

How does it work?

All the cannabinoids have an impact in the body, as they attach to some certain receptors. The human body does this – it created certain cannabinoids on its own. It even has two receptors for cannabinoids, which are called the CB1 receptors (which are present throughout the body) and the CB2 receptors (which are found in the brain).

The CB1 receptors are the ones that deal with movement, coordination, mood, pain, emotions, memories and so one. THC attached to the CB1 receptors. The CB2 receptors affect the pain and the inflammation.

What are the benefits?

Natural pain relief

Many people tend to take over-the-counter medicine to relief their pain. The CBD oil is the natural alternative. The scientist has shown that it can represent a new treatment for chronic pain.

Quitting smoking

There are many people who said that the CBD oil helps them in quitting smoking. Smokers who used inhalers that contained CBD got to smoke less than usual and didn’t feel the need to get nicotine, either.

A new study also showed that it’s good for treating opioid addiction disorders. It can reduce the symptoms that are associated with drug abuse, such as mood, insomnia, pain, and anxiety.

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