CBD Oil – Is It Safe for Pets?

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CBD Oil – Is It Safe for Pets?

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about CBD oil and its potential benefits for people as a health supplement. However, there are also products like Canna Companion that claim to offer all the same advantages of cannabis to animals. Is it really safe, or advisable, to give your cat or dog cannabis oil?

CBD Oil and Health

CBD oil is renowned for its health benefits for good reason. The oil uses all the cannabinoids that offer good health benefits but doesn’t contain the THC – the compound in marijuana that creates the high. This means that using CBD oil doesn’t get you stoned but does give all of the positive health effects of marijuana. You can safely use CBD oil and feel more relaxed, sleep better, and avoid anxiety and depression, without ever feeling high or stoned. This is why the product can be used for animals, too. It doesn’t cause drowsiness but can give a nice effect that is just as beneficial to pets as it is to humans.

How Do You Give a Cat or Dog CBD Oil?

If you have cats or dogs and can see the benefits of using CBD oil for them, then you may be wondering how to give them the product. In most cases, people simply add the oil to the food they give to their animals, and they take it in that way. Mixing a CBD oil product made for pets in with their food is easy and will mean that they are getting the supplement with no real hassle. It is definitely easier than trying to give a pet a pill, especially when cats are concerned – giving medicine to a cat is no mean feat!

What Benefits Can You Expect from Giving Your Pet CBD Oil?

Cats and dogs can both have some good positive effects from taking CBD oil. It is surprisingly nutritious and works very well as a general supplement. However, the main benefits of CBD oil are in how the cannabinoids affect mood and general disposition. For dogs or cats that have some level of neuroticism, the CBD oil can help them to relax more and display a better mood. They tend not to be as frightened and paranoid when they have CBD oil added to their diet. Dogs who have shown signs of anxiety, for example dogs who get upset when their owner leaves them for the day, are often helped a lot by CBD oil. It can also help cats who are normally overly aggressive to become more relaxed and calm.

CBD oil is a really useful supplement, and one that can be helpful for dogs and cats if you choose a product designed for pets. If you decide that you want to start treating your cat or dog with CBD oil, it is fairly easy to add it into their diet. You should see the benefits in their general mood and health fairly quickly after introducing CBD oil to their diet.

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